7. So, what bike do I need for Reef to Reef?

You can do Reef to Reef on just about any mountain bike to an extent. It won't be a whole lot of fun on an enduro bike, but a trail bike is fine. Here's what I learnt racing Cape to Cape on a trail bike

The best bet is a cross-country bike or short travel trail bike though. A hardtail is fine but a 100-140mm travel full suspension bike is perfect! You'll appreciate having something with lock out for the fast bits, and with a wide gear range for the steep bits.

A downcountry bike, whatever they are, would be ideal for many riders who are there to go quick and have some fun. Wider tyres will be great for the variety of conditions, and something like the Pirelli Scorpion 2.4" XC range could be ideal. You want something that rolls fast, but has plenty of edge knobs for grip when you're tipping it into the corners on the trails.

Make a plan on what to carry with you on each stage incase things go wrong.. I recommend a mini pump, multitool, plug kit, quick link, derailleur hanger, spare tube, tyre lever and a sense of humour. A plug kit might make bad day not so tough, both the DynaPlug and Stan's DART work really well.

The rest is up to you. Make sure you're in good enough shape to ride for four days, don't forget to book your leave, and bring a good attitude for a great mountain bike holiday! Entries to Reef to Reef are open now - so don't miss out.