Words: Joe Dodd                                                                                       Photos: Chris Herron
This issue we are going to run you through the Stan's DART system. DART stands for Dual Action Repair for Tubeless. That basically means that the plug and sealant work together to seal the hole.
Make sure that if you plan on using the DART, you are running fresh Stan's Sealant in your tyres.
Step 1:

You got a flat! Sometimes the sealant isn’t enough to seal the hole well enough to ride on. This large piece of glass made quite a large slice in our tyre. Quickly pull out the DART and remove the cap. The quicker you do this the easier it is to push the plug into a slightly inflated tyre.
Step 2:

Line up the tool over the hole. Push the DART into the hole. The conical tip helps guide it in.
Step 3:

Push the tool in until the head of the DART tool is flush with the tyre.
Step 4:

Depending on the size of the puncture, a different amount of the DART will be visible. You can’t feel this whilst riding and this will eventually wear down. There is no need to trim the DART down.
Step 5:

Rotate the wheel so the hole is facing towards the ground. The sealant should now react with the DART and seal up the hole. If the hole is too big for a single DART, you can push another one into the same hole. The sealant chemically reacts with DART and becomes a permanent bond, meaning it should not come out or move later down the track. It's a permanent repair to your tyre.
Step 6:

Inflate your tyre to your desired pressure.
Step 7:

If you are using CO2, make sure you replace it with standard air when you get home. This will preserve the performance of your sealant.
Step 8:

If you lost a lot of sealant from your flat, the DART tool has a valve core removing tool so you can top the sealant back up when you get home.
Step 9:

Remove the valve core and top up with a mini bottle of Stan's sealant. We carry these on longer rides just in case.
Step 10:

Reload the DART tool with DARTs so they are ready to go next time you need them. Always keep them loaded just in case!