Trek's new Fuel EX-e is an ideal addition to not just Trek's range of bikes, but the whole bike and e-bike market. As a mid-power trail e-bike, Trek set out to make the e-bike that any of us would want to ride, sitting in their e-bike range alongside the popular Rail, for the high power, big travel option

TESTED: Trek Rail 7 e-bike

All about the Trek Fuel EX-e

The Trek Fuel EX-e has 50Nm of torque with a maximum of 300W assistance, with a 360Wh in-tube battery, all from a brand new TQ-HPR50 motor system from Germany. The motor is near silent, and thanks to how the motor engages, it should be ultra durable thanks to less moving parts.

The bike is available in carbon frame 29ers only, with 150mm travel forks and 140mm travel in the back end. Trek state that the bike is mullet approved, and you can pop a 160mm travel fork in there as well.

The frame has a 65 degree head angle with 44mm fork offset, 77 degree seat angle, 485mm reach on our large test model, and 440mm chain stays.

Lots of standard Trek features like the MinoLink geometry adjustment, Active Braking Pivot and internal cable routing are all here. The MinoLink lets you run it a little higher and steeper, or a little lower or slacker. I tested it purely in the low position, with few rocks in the SE QLD area while testing.

Knock Block is gone to make way for the head unit, which sits neatly into the top tube and shows you what mode you're in, what your likely range is in that mode, plus speed, your power, the bike's power, and battery charge left as a percentage.

Australian models range from $9499.99 to $12999.99, and come in 4 frame sizes. You can check out the exact specs in our video or at the Trek Australia website.

Our 9.9 AXS model isn't available in Australia, but weighs just 18.47kg in large! It won't be available as a Project One bike, but was the case when we recorded the review in early July. Sorry!