Send it with the YT Tues

Now available in both 27.5 and 29" wheel sizes, the Tues is an all-out downhill bike. There's no mistaking the intentions with this one, and this was the heart of YT Industries. This is another YT that we let tester Ryan loose on.

"What makes the Tues unique and sets it apart from other downhill bikes is the amount of in-house development has gone into all the little details. The chain slap protection on the chainstay and seatstay is next level, covering anything that the chain could possibly contact while charging including a neat chain suck preventer at the rear dropout. The undercarriage from the Virtual Four Link back down is protected by a huge PA66 Polymide frame protector that wraps around and is anchored to the downtube in four locations and even straddles the ISCG05 tabs."

"The rear axle has a self locating lobe on its end keeping the threads lined up preventing cross threading in those rushed and sometimes careless late night tyre changes we are all guilty of. The internal cable routing runs in the most direct path to its destination with a midway clamp which eliminates noise and ensures the housings do not migrate as the rear wheel passes through its range of travel, every aspect of this frame has been meticulously considered which in turn means less problems and an extended life when racing or living the park life."


"Normally when riding a bike that’s so supple at the start of the stroke they can become mushy and bog down into berms and features alike but this is not the case for the Tues at all. The character that stands out to me the most on the Tues is its ability to pop, there is a distinguished little extra oomph just as you leave a feature if you let it which makes it fun and easy to manoeuvre despite its race bred 1248mm long all business exterior. As YT claim, the Tues finds itself at home both on the race track and bike park, quite the mix with out spending hours playing around with shock tunes."
"The Tues is an easy bike to get comfortable and confident on, with an ability to find traction and stability at speed it is well suited to the tasks of both racers and park riders. Its stiff, durable and light weight chassis specced with carefully selected components make this one of the best value for money downhill bikes available. YT have delivered everything they claim and we look forward to catching a glimpse of the Tues 29 in the future."
You can read the whole review right here.