Plug and play with the YT Decoy

The YT Decoy got its name as it was designed to not look like an eMTB. But that's what the Decoy is, with a bunch of travel and a mullet wheel setup before that was cool. We sent Ryan Walsch to the launch in Nice as he was familiar with the YT bikes, and we knew he could hit the ground running with this test.

"Like all YT bikes, this digital version shares the same distinct Virtual Four Link, striking angles and overbuilt hard-hitting approach. The Decoy is an eMTB on steroids which finds itself at home on both technical terrain or shredding the local bike park. But instead of just matching what other brands have created, YT feel that they have surpassed others and made something that really suits riders who want to push their bikes hard, but have the benefits of an eMTB."

"Utilising the Shimano Steps E8000 drive unit, YT designed their own battery and chose to run a front 29er wheel and 27.5” rear wheel. YT has created a balanced, no holds barred eMTB that is built to party. There is 160mm travel up front with 165mm out the back. It sounds the wrong way around but with the two wheel sizes it balances out."

"Onboard the YT Decoy, a comfortable central body position is achieved with a really steep 76.5 degree seat tube angle and 455mm reach (size large). Shifting around on the Decoy is an easy task thanks to the low stand over and 800mm bars, making what is quite a hefty machine more like a bike than expected. The slack 65 degree head angle is exactly what you would expect on this sort of bike, and the YT Decoy runs a slightly reduced 46mm offset to keep some agility along with the slack head angle. The longer reach and steep seat angle also add to help keep the front end down when climbing, as even with pedal assist if the geo doesn't work for getting back up the hill an eMTB can still be a pig! The reduced offset fork and short stem also means it will get around corners a whole lot better than some super long and slack bikes."

"The YT Decoy is an eMTB that matches what YT do. It is a whole lot of fun and really built to take advantage of burly trails. The frame design deals with the greater loads and specific demands of an eMTB, with a few unique extra elements do stop any quirky problems that can plague other designs. There is no questioning the modern geometry, which is based on optimising the descending prowess of the YT Decoy, while not taking anything away from it's inherent ability to get you back uphill without the need for a shuttle, a chairlift, or too much hard graft."

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