We're at the start of what could a long time with new expectations on socialising, shopping, recreation and work. The decisions we make, as mountain bikers, over the coming weeks will not turn the tide on a global pandemic. But smart decisions about our movements can help reduce transmission of COVID-19 in the greater community and decrease the chance of infection to those at risk.

Last week we outlined some riding tips for those who are social distancing, and some indoor training tips for those social isolating. Just 4 days later, it is now probably more socially responsible to limit your trips to the trailhead. That's for you to decide, but there is every chance we could have that enforced, like in Italy, Spain and other countries.

With wide-ranging measures put in place by state, and then federal, government on 22nd March, the impact on the bike indsutry is immense. And this is already on the back of bushfires and a crazy summer. So what can we, as mountain bikers, do to help the local and greater industry while making sure we do our civic duty to reduce the chance of transmission?

Easy - check out our contactless tips!