2020 has been a truly crazy year so far. From bushfires beyond anything we have seen before to floods washing ash into rivers and water catchments, and the coronavirus spreading until we had the World Health Organisation (WHO) declare a pandemic last week. COVID-19 is here, and it is impacting every part of our lives. 

AMB isn't your resource for facts on COVID-19 - go visit the WHO website for those. COVID-19 it is a highly transmissible virus that has a higher mortality rate than the flu. There is no vaccine yet.

While some countries are in complete lock down with only essential service people allowed outside, Australia isn't there yet. Australians who have returned from overseas since the weekend need to be in a 14 day quarantine, and all mountain bike events have been cancelled. Large gatherings indoor and out are also banned.

We love events! But they're cancelled or postponed right now.

The government has promoted social distancing, which means staying about 1.5 metres away from one another. If you have symptoms you need to self isolate - which means staying at home, and maybe walking around your garden. But if you are practicing social distancing, there's no reason to stop riding. Getting outdoors and getting some sun promotes health (Vitamin D) and has a huge boost to your sense of wellbeing. But there are some things to consider.