Social isolation: home gyms and the virtual world

Ok, so you're stuck at home? That's fine, there is so much you can do besides watch Netflix and snack. Any sort of yoga video on youtube will keep you active, and if you have zero exercise equipment (besides a mountain bike), you can do some basic bodyweight exercises like push ups, plank, situps, chin ups. Google will guide you! But see above about not overdoing it.

MTB strength training - the dos and don'ts.

If you have an indoor trainer, you can set that up too. From really basic trainers where your wheel runs on resistance, through to something like a Wahoo Kickr or Technogym mytrainer. Make sure you have a level area, with some airflow and a fan no matter what sort of trainer you have.

What makes indoor training more fun, or more effective, is direction. That might be via Zwift, turning your indoor cycling into a computer game, or Trainer Road or The Sufferfest for training programmes. You can always get some tips from our Fitness section.

And don't forget, if you are stuck indoors, this is a great time to optimise your diet - and maybe try out some of the recipes that mountain biking dieticians and nutritionist have compiled for us? Just head to our Nutrition section. Tag us on social media with your successes or failures!

Stay healthy, stay sane, and keep riding in a manner that suits you without impacting others.