Go big on the YT Capra

The YT Capra has been known as the GOAT (greatest of all time) and the recent updates made it more all-day friendly while also bringing more travel to the party - the Capra now sports 180mm front and back. Here's the take from our tester Ryan Walsch.

"The new iteration of the Capra has a lower overall height and stand-over which means that there are two to three sizes that may suit a rider based on the reach they are looking for. With the low stand over and shorter seat tube riders can be certain that the correct seat can be achieved. What is really impressive is that the two largest bikes, XL and XXL have a 5mm increase to the chainstay from 435mm to 440mm. This doesn’t sound like much on paper but imagine having to manufacture a unique set of stays for two sizes so taller riders can have the best performing bike possible. Hats off to YT, putting user experience first in a big way." 

"With the suspension opened up, I started pushing the YT into the turns and was impressed to feel the bike not bog down completely underneath me. For a big bike it does retain some pop out of corners and off lips and doesn’t feel completely stuck to the ground as I had feared initially. With such large monocoque sections of the frame and the large bearings of the Virtual Four Link, the Capra 29 tracks just as described by YT, like a downhill bike. There is very composed and at times almost dullness to the feel in rough terrain which to be fair means that I was not even reaching its potential limits. With this, it was time to punch runs on the downhill track, and explore the capabilities of a 180mm 29er and as expected we flatted the rear tyre. With bikes this capable the recent development of 29er downhill tyre casings are a must to truly leave caution to the wind on our 13.75kg “DH bike” and set sail through the rocks. A quick inspection of the tyre and rim and we were good to go."

"The Capra 29 would be the one bike to own if you lived near a lifted bike park and/or raced both downhill and enduro events. And while there are many clever ways of carrying water, SWAT, bumbags and enduro packs, we would love to see a bottle cage mount. This isn’t a deal breaker, just a nice to have. As it is, the new Capra is a bike that is so capable it would have been hard to consider a bike like this was possible even a few years ago."

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