The YT Jeffsy 

While launched as a 140 or 150mm travel trail bike, the YT Jeffsy now sports more travel in 2020. The 29" wheeled model has 150mm of travel while the 27.5" option has 160mm of travel. Either way, it's a fast bike that packs a lot of travel into a really fun bike, and this review from Ryan Walsch at the 2019 launch really showed how YT have progressed their trail bikes.

"The combination of the 470mm reach, 50mm stem, 44mm fork crown offset and the commanding seating position made for a very pleasant climbing position. I spoke to Stefan “Willi” Willared about the subtle geometry changes and he was excited to bring up the revised kinematics for the MK2 increasing the anti-squat from 100% to 120% meaning Jeffsy would resist pedalling induced suspension squat considerably. This revision along with areas of added stiffness was immediately apparent on the first climb with a great balance of increased anti-squat with the absence of pedal kickback or inch worming."

"The progressive spring rate was perfect, with a stock inclusion of the 2nd smallest of 5 volume spacers installed Jeffsy felt calm at full compression and had a playful pop out of corners and features that can take a while to achieve when tuning some suspension platforms. Mowing through sections and trying to wash off speed were not what I had planned, but it’s what Jeffsy and I spent a lot of time doing. The bike handles descents with ease and surefootedness found in longer travel bikes without feeling like a ship through the tight stuff and direction changes."

"Pointing back up the hill and Jeffsy continues to surprise, the steepened seat-tube angle and increased anti-squat kinematics make climbs on fire roads and technical singletrack pleasant. By finding traction and making it easy to get the climb over and done with, you can spend more time doing what matters, bombing trails."

For Ryan's full review of the Jeffsy 29, head to the review page.