Product: Effetto Mariposa Caffe Latex


RRP: $49.95 for 1000mL

Time to seal a 3mm hole: 1:31

Pressure lost: 1.4psi

Time to seal a 6mm hole: 5:48

Pressure lost: 7.1psi

AMB's notes: Effetto Mariposa's Caffe Latex had the lowest volume requirement, needing just 85mL for the 2.4” tyres. This makes it a light and good value sealant to use, as each setup would cost about $4.50. The name is confusing, as it doesn't actually contain natural latex, it uses a synthetic substitute – which is handy if you have a latex allergy. It's quite a thin liquid, which helps it move around the tyre. It is said to foam up when in use in the tyre.  It did seal a smaller hole really quickly, but the thinner solution seemed to struggle more with a larger puncture, hence the greater pressure loss. Barely a trickle of sealant was left after the two punctures, which is a downside of lower volume. The sealant had no signs of separation or drying out. You could run more, but using a plug for a larger puncture would be a smart move to keep you moving.