A closer look at the Pirelli Scorpion 2.4" LITE

Fast forward to 2020, and there are a whole bunch of reasons to look at wider tyres for cross-country, down-country and fast'n'light trail bike use. Pirelli designed their 2.2" tyres around rims with a 25mm internal width, while their 2.4" tyres (and 2.6") are designed around rims with a 30mm internal width. Given you'll see plenty of XC racers on rims that width AND tyres at 2.3" and 2.4", it was really worth setting up the Pirelli Scorpion 2.4" LITE tyres to see how they'd fare. They have the same four treads, with Rear specific, Soft, Mixed and Hard conditions.

More elbows!

Interestingly, the Rear specific 29x2.4" tyre is the same as the Scorpion Trail 2.4" - so it has the 60tpi ProWall casing with 120tpi reinforcement on the sides. As such it's the heaviest of the lot, but if you're looking to be using the 2.4" range for some 'down country' riding, having a strong and stiff rear tyre is no bad thing. This tyre did come in over 900g, above the 855g claimed weight. So it's not really in the wide XC race arena.

The Mixed, Soft and Hard conditions tyres are claimed to weigh 810g, 810g and 755g respectively - although each tyre was about 40-60g above that. That sort of variance is pretty typical with tyres.

Each tyre inflated really easily - and I think that's very telling of the quality of the casing and how they're made. While I did use a compressor at home (best gift ever!) when doing back to back (to back to back) comparisons at the trail head, I used a track pump and the bead popped into place every time with no fuss. They also stay pretty well airtight with just about zero sealant... all in all after setting the tyres up I was pretty impressed.

Even just swapping tyres at the trail they always sealed up just fine.

The 2.4" tyres inflate to just under 61mm on the 29mm internal rims on my bike. So that's just about spot on for being true to size.