Words: Mike Blewitt

Pirelli are synonymous with performance tyres, and after coming back to the cycling market with their road cycling range in 2017, many wondered whether they would follow the rougher path into the world of mountain bike tyres.

We have covered a lot of the technical details about Pirelli's Scorpion MTB tyres online already – and now with more trail time on the treads it's time to see how they stacked up in Australian conditions.


Four treads, many uses

Pirelli haven't designed tyres aimed at XC, or trail, or enduro. They have made four tread patterns, and made them available in 2.2”, 2.4”, 2.6” and then 27.5” or 29”. The larger tyres have deeper tread, casings that are more heavy duty on the larger tyres, and the larger tyres are suited to wider rim widths than the narrower tyres.


Do they have trail tyres? Yes, they have four. Do they have enduro tyres? Yes, they have four. Do they have XC tyres? You get the picture. We tested all tyres in 2.2” and two options in 2.4”. The 2.6” models and 27.5” sizes will come out in September.