Merida have lead the way with the popularity of electric mountain bikes (eMTBs) and given their ability to build high end mountain bikes (and high end mountain bikes with motors) at very good value price points, it shouldn't be any surprise. Their eOne-Sixty rapidly changed people's expectations on what a long travel eMTB could, and should, be when released in 2017 - and you'd be hard pressed to not see one at any trail.

In 2019 Merida released an all-new eOne-Sixty, and then an all-new eOne-Forty. Both used a carbon mainframe with integrated battery and new geometry. In fact, the main frame was identical on both - they just used a different shock and fork to deliver the different amounts of travel and change the geometry. 

And now, that same internal battery placement is available in bikes with a full alloy frame. Whether this suits your budget or thoughts on what material a mountain bike should be made of, it means that Merida have an even wider range of eMTBs.

The Merida eOne-Forty Limited sells for $6499, while the Merida eOne-Sixty Limited sells for $6699. Both bikes use the Shimano STEPS E8000 motor.

Full details and specs can be found on the Merida Australia website.