After an all-new design was released in April, Fox have just dropped what might be the most popular update to the Transfer dropper yet - more drop! With a reputation for reliability, Fox already had 100mm, 125mm, 150mm and 175mm models of the Transfer dropper post, and now they have a 200mm model as well.

Like all of the latest models, the Fox Transfer 200mm post has a low-stack seat post head, and one that is easier to use than the original. There are Factory models and Performance Elite models in the new 200mm drop, and the post is compatible with 1x and 2x remotes - both from Fox or for any remote that clamps the cable at the lever.

How to fit a Fox Transfer dropper post.


Fox Transfer dropper posts are available in 31.6mm and 30.9mm diameters only, and weigh from 657g. The total length of the new, longer post is 530.7mm, with a 320mm maximum insertion, and 150mm minimum. If you're keen to upgrade, crack out the tape measure!

Pricing is the same as the current Transfer dropper posts:
Performance Series $529
Factory Series $615
1x Lever or 2x Lever $119

If this sounds like what you need, get in touch with your local Fox dealer, as stock lands before the end of November 2020, and these are likely to sell out quickly!