Last week Fox showcased their latest, biggest, stiffest and most tuneable suspension to date. Not only did they overhaul the Fox 36 and Fox 40, they released a new platform in the Fox 38. This boss fork is aimed squarely at riders on the Enduro world stage, and those who want to emulate their riding.

Along with extensive updates to the Fox DHX2 and Float X2, there was still more on the boil from the suspension masterminds - and now that has all been revealed.

Fox bring GRIP2 to the Fox 34

The Fox 34 might just be the original trail fork. With the light weight Fox 34 SC added to the range two years ago, and the Fox 36 taking on the big bike duties, some feel the Fox 34 can get a little lost.

The 34 GRIP2 brings Variable Valve Control (VVC) as seen on the 36, 38 and 40 GRIP2 models for 2021. VVC brings damping adjustments outside that used to be only accesible inside - so you get greater tuning options without having a personal suspension tuner on speed dial.

Of course, Fox still let you have a choice of damper options, with FIT4, Live Valve and GRIP dampers across the range to control the Float air spring. Travel options are 120-140mm, in 27.5" or 29" and 44mm or 51mm offsets. Axles are Boost or 15x100. If you need more travel you should be on a 36 - if you want 100, 110 or 120mm then a Fox 32 SC or Fox 34 SC are what you should be looking at.

Fox will have the Factory Series, Performance Elite, Performance and e-Bike models available of the 34, weight starts at 1770g.