DT Swiss have just updated their most popular hub - the DT Swiss 240. Ask anyone about their hub recommendations for a reliable set of wheels, and the chances are they will suggest somkething from DT Swiss or Hope. Both companies are known for building hubs that run reliably, with excellent spare parts availability and a very long service life.

Last year, DT Swiss introduced the Ratchet EXP 180 hubs, and they have been at the heart of the DT Swiss XRC 1200 and DT Swiss XMC 1200 wheel sets we have tested. The new system was an update on the classic Star Ratchet, and it moved a bearing outboard and integrated the part of the ratchet into the hub, making for less moving pieces. The result was a lighter hub which was stiffer (15% is claimed by DT Swiss) and more reliable, and a little easier to work on thanks to new endcaps that could easily be removed by hand.

Oh, and with the DT Swiss SINC Ceramic bearings, these things spun for days! Ryan Walsch who tested the XMC 1200 wheels even considered that the rear wheel spun better than some brand's front hubs. These hubs give free speed.

The all-new DT Swiss 240

So now that technology comes down from the DT Swiss 180 level to the DT Swiss 240. And it's not juist the Ratchet EXP system that updates the 240, but the whole hubshell and end caps as well, to create lighter hubs that are more reliable and easier to service than ever.

These end caps are a cinch to remove and fit.

The changes internally match what's happened with the 180 Ratchet EXP.

The hub shells have been updated with new shaping around the rotor attachments on the 6-bolt hubs, and of course there are Centrelock options, and straight pull options. If you need 32 holes, you'll be on the 6 bolt Clasic option, as straight pull is only available in 28 hole. The Classic has the most axle options as well, from 142x12, 148x12, 150x12, 157x12, with 100x15, 110x15, Lefty and 110x20mm front hub options as well.

Weights go as low as 104g for the front and 199g for the rear with the straight pull model. That's really light! The Ratchet EXP system was launched with a 36t engagement, but 54t is also an option. DT Swiss have pointed out that more points of engagement on some suspension systems can create more pedal jack (that is, the suspension rises up) on square edge hits, as the wheel cannot rotate freely.

In terms of freehubs, HG, XD and Microspline are all available, along with road options and of course road hub models as well.

DT Swiss 240 hubs have always been an investment, and that's not going to change anytime soon. But what DT Swiss have done is make a good system better, and that has moved from the 180 hubs to 240 - and maybe soon to the 350 as well?

For more details head to the DT Swiss website.