Words: Ben Morrison                                                                      Photographer: Nick Waygood

The Trek Slash 8 left off were the previous generation of Slash started with only some geometry tweaks setting it apart at first glance. We say this because at first glance you have no idea this is an alloy frame! Trek have done an outstanding job keeping the smooth and very clean lines that the carbon Slash has. Trek’s Slash 8 should not be overlooked – especially if you are in the market for a 29er trail/enduro bike or even toying with the idea of one.


It would be really easy to give a short review of the Slash 8 saying “it’s bloody awesome, just go ride one no matter your wheel preference”, because that is what was going through our mind on the first outing on this big wheel bandit. When developing the Slash 8 Trek made a few minor changes to what was already perhaps one of the best 29er trail/enduro bikes on the market.


Other than going to an alloy frame (meaning our test bike was priced at $4,499 – which is $1,500 -$2,000 less than you could get a Slash in the past as it only came with a carbon frame) Trek did the same thing that transformed the Remedy which was to steepen the seat tube allowing for much smoother and more comfortable climbing. Previously, this is the only gripe you would hear from Slash owners. Clearly Trek has taken notice and made the change when introducing the alloy frame to their Slash range


The thing about Trek is that they just simply work. They also look good, but are not wildly different and nowadays they have refined their bikes so much that it’s hard to get excited about them until you ride one. Noting also that it’s highly probable that Trek owners are heavily contributing to selling more of this brands bikes than all of the Trek sponsored riders and marketing campaigns put together – purely because they are the folk saying 'oh mate, I love my bike, you should have a go'. 


Just like Volvo cars – they look so much better than they ever have in the past, they’re not cheap, and it’s the Volvo driver that gets you behind the wheel and actually makes you think that 'this is a bloody great car; but am I a Volvo driver?'  Trek’s Slash 8 is just like a high performance Volvo Polestar – it looks good but isn’t in your face with its styling and shape, but once you let it do what its deigned to do, you can’t help but smile on the inside and almost feel a little dirty thinking is this right?