On the trail with the Rekon 29x2.6”

The same tyre – but bigger, right? Well yes and no. The Rekon started life as a 27 Plus tyre (27.5 x 2.8”) and as trail tyres have mostly filled out to 2.6” in both 27.5” and 29”, it was the perfect model to expand – or shrink – into for Maxxis.

Mounted up to some light carbon trail wheels, the Rekons completely transformed my trail bike. While the wheels dropped about 600g the tyres also dropped about another 400g from the previous set up, while also bumping up the size from 2.3” to 2.6”, and reducing rolling resistance too. As stated with the 2.25” inch model, the Rekon really is a light duty trail tyre, especially when you compare it to other 2.5-2.6” tyres on the market, including popular WT models in the Maxxis range. While the width might make you think it's the model for sending it into rock gardens, that's best left for the Minions, High Rollers or the Aggressor in their 2.3” - 2.5” models, especially with the heavy duty Double Down casing available on those models.

The same traits from the 2.25” model were still a bonus on the 2.6” model. It's light for the bag size, it rolls well, and hooks up under acceleration and braking. The tread depth is not nearly the same as a more aggressive tyre, so pushing hard and braking late in loose conditions really puts the tyre at its limit. But pumping and jumping along dry trails with loose sections, and holding speed in open corners and accelerating out of slow corners was a blast. The Rekon is well-suited to trail centres, less so for sending new lines in hardcore locations. The Rekons pick up speed so well, and once you have found the pressure you want to match grip with stability they are a lot of fun and just keep rolling. I settled on 18psi front and 18.5psi on the back. Only a little lower than on the 2.25” as I tend to ride my trail bike differently to my hardtail!

The Rekons in 2.6” do break into a fairly predictable slide when pushed in loose terrain, but as they are designed for wide rims their tread is very rounded and it's further over than some other tyres where the tread knobs sit too high and inboard. The contact patch is so big that there is a lot of grip there, but the tread depth and sidewall stability doesn't match the Rekon's burlier brothers.

This isn't the tyre for hard all-mountain riding or enduro racing. But it is spot on for fast trail riding and big days in big hills, where grip on a variety of terrain and overall weight is paramount. If you're after a super aggressive tyre then Maxxis already have options in spades with the Minions, High Rollers and Aggressor. If you want something inbetween that has been designed around wider rim widths, then I highly suggest the Maxxis Rekon. Get a digital pressure gauge as well and you can really get the most out of your setup.



Fast rolling, wide performance window

Seals up so easily!

Reliable EXO sidewall protection

Light for the tread and volume


The 2.25” firmer rubber may reduce it's performance in the wet

The 2.6” could use more supportive sidewalls for a larger range of use


RRP: $84.95 (29x2.25”) and $109.95 (29x2.6”)

From: kwtimports.com.au