With tyre development and rim development becoming more hand in hand then ever before we are seeing tyres specifically being made for the now trendier wider rims. So we decided to perform our own set of tests to find a bit of balance in this world of standards and trends we call mountain biking. To do this, we partnered with DT Swiss, one of the world’s leading wheel manufactures who supplied us with their 3 most popular selling rim widths hand built to DT Swiss 350 hubs. And thanks to LinkSports we used Onza (another Swiss brand) IBEX in 27.5 x 2.4” tyres in their Free Ride casing to make sure the tyres we used were consistent. We also approached Lindt Chocolates to complete the Swiss affair but are still waiting on a response.

Method for the madness

We used the same size tyres and model for all the rim widths. To help with setting up a baseline for our test we used the same Rocky Mountain Altitude fitted with a ShockWiz across 3 trails all of which offer different conditions. The trails used to create our baseline are Little Seymour linked to Breakout and Rolla Coaster linked with Slick Rock and Double Dissolution at Stromlo Forest Park. To add some speed into the mix we also used the full length of the Flow Trail at Thredbo Resort. Once a baseline air pressure has been setup on the widest of the rim profiles we then applied this to all rim profiles in an effort to create accurate data.

Words: Ben Morrison    Photos: Nick Waygood