Küat racks are an American brand who have been making outdoors equipment transport easier since 2008. They have been making racks since 2008 and they have a new home in Australia with FE Sports. We've got three of their light weight hitch racks on test right now.

Hitch racks fit 2" or 1.25" hitch mounts, and typically offer 1-4 bike mounting options. WE've taken a look at the ins ans outs of different bike rack types in our Bike Rack Guide.

Oh, and the pronunciation: koo-at.

All the racks on test use a 2" (50mm) hitch with an expanding cam so it locks in nice and tight.

None of the racks have built in lights or a number plate holder, so you do need to factor one in, and think about the best way to fit it.

Küat NV 2.0 - $1259

Weight: 24kg
Wheel sizes: 20-29” (adaptor for 20-24”
Rack Weight: 23.5kg
Rack capacity: 27kg per bike
Nifty features: Has an inbuilt work stand and locks

The NV 2.0 is the top rack in the range, with a solid alloy construction. It can lower back when loaded for boot access, or fold up against the boot when not in use.

The wheel base limit is 1270mm, and the front wheel cradles adapt their position to create the extra length. This also helps with clearance between bars and saddles. It uses an 8mm allen key to do this - which ports in the back of the rack.

Bikes are secured via an arm that compresses over the front tyre, so this means you have contact that doesn't touch the frame. A strap secures the rear wheel and it's all really snug. You can get a kit to work with 5" fat bike tyres. There's also a 2 bike add on ($539) for the 50mm hitch model, although you can't use it on the 1.25" hitch model.

Kuat also have an inbuilt workstand on the NV 2.0, although you can buy the NV Base for $1099 and forego the rack (but add it later if you like).

With a hitch lock pin and built in locks, this one is stable, well-featured and secure rack.

Get more details on the FE Sports website.


Küat Transfer V2

Price: $699 (3-bike model: $829)
Weight: 17kg
Wheel sizes: 18-29" wheels
Capacity: 27kg per bike 
Nifty details: sits closer to your vehicle, and packs smaller for storage

The Transfer V2 shares so many features of the NV 2.0 but in a simpler package. You lose the full trays, but gain wheel cradles. The maximum wheelbase length is still 1270mm.

The bike attachment arm is the same, and it can still take 5" fat tyres with a kit.

There isn't a locking hitch pin, but a security 8mm that is specific to the rack's expanding cam hitch. There is a lock that comes with the rack as well for your bikes. The rack folds down, and folds up against the car when not in use, all with a foot pedal.

Küat do a 3-bike version, and an add on item - this will impact the total weight limit of the rack, but this is probably only a concern for multiple e-bikes.

For all the details and options, head to the FE Sports website.

Küat Beta

Price: $399 
Weight: 6.5kg
Wheel sizes: whatever you like
Capacity: 18kg per bike (2 bikes)
Nifty details: gated hitch pins, folds down and folds away

The Küat Beta is a modern update on the traditional hanging style rack. Küat have added their cam lock hitch, folding elements for boot access and easy storage, and then made it just 6.5kg!

The Beta has hitch pins to let you fold it down to the ground, and to let the bike support arms fold flat. There's a wired gate for security, to stop the pin moving, and nylon tipped thumb screws to take any wiggle out of the system. It's simple, and secure.


Of course, this type of rack does need certain tube sizes, shapes and positions. The mounts are designed to fit around a top tube, and a top tube/seat tube junction, which helps prevent sway.

All the straps are very high quality, and for this type of rack it's best in class. We really like how it folds away for storage. All the details are on the FE Sports website if you need some more specifics.


Küat Pivot 2.0

Want a bike rack, but need easy and unobstructed access to the back of your car?

That's where the Pivot 2.0 comes in. You can get it in passenger or driver side swings, and it mounts with the same cam lock system as the Küat racks.

The swing arm can lock at 90 degrees or 120, so it's not about to come and crush you against the car. There's a trigger to unlock the rack once the main hitch is released, and the same trigger lets you toggle between the positions.


This one sells for $599, and is one of a number of accessories that FE Sports stock, including a wall mount for storage, a a hitch extender that can lift or drop the rack 50mm, Phat Straps, and the NV ramp which lands soon.

We've got to do some time going riding and back again with these, but stay tuned for full reviews.