Travelling to ride new trails can be one of the best things about mountain biking. While the buzz of riding your local trails with speed and accuracy on dialled lines cannot be ignored - discovering new trails and meeting other riders is a huge part of mountain biking.

But getting our beloved bicycles to the trails safe and sound can sometimes be tricky - mostly if there's more than one or two of you in the car. Mountain biking is better with mates, right?

We've taken a look at bike bags you can use if you're travelling some really long distances - but what about for a trip up the coast or into the Australian Alps with your car? Should you put the bikes inside, on top, or on the back?

Here's a look at some options on where to load your bikes, and the pros and cons.

Don't forget to check that you're compliant with local road rules - here's a rundown for NSW, but do be sure to check rules for your own state.