Shingleback have just released exactly what lots of mountain bikers need - a vertical bike rack option designed for carrying eMTBs. The new Shingleback 2B90 vertical bike rack is rated to carry up to two 30kg bikes, and the rack tilts down to allow easy and simple bike loading and unloading. Given the weight of eMTBs and big gravity rigs, this is absolutely perfect. There is also very little rear overhang as the bikes load from the side, making the rack work well with a wide range of vehicles.

Shingleback state that the 2B90 is the first 2 bike vertical bike rack that is rated to carry two 30kg bikes. And they also have pointed out that the design where the bikes don't protrude rearward is very unique. It sure gets around compliance concerns with protrusions too far beyond the rear of your vehicle!

The tilting access is also a huge bonus for loading heavy bikes, as long as you can lift up the front wheel, you can load the bike. Additionally, with the rack tilted down you don't write off access to your vehicle's boot, as the rack will clear most boot options when tilted down.

The rack itself weighs 21kg. While that isn't light, it's light for this type of rack. The design is also more compact for when it's stored when not in use.

Andrew Taylor from Shingleback explained the thought processes behind the new rack, “I love looking for innovative, simple and valued rack solutions that address the gaps in the market. In my design I have responded to the needs of e-bike riders and lifestyle riders. The tilt-down loading mechanism reduces – even eliminates for some – the need to lift most bikes onto and off the rack, which is a huge benefit for the heavier e-bikes, and those of us that have age or body wear-and-tear working against us!”

Given the height of SUVs and other popular vehicles, once you add a rack, or a vertical rack, getting a bike up there can be well beyond the reach of even tall and strong riders. And this is confounded when you add a heavier bike into the mix.

Kimberley Taylor, co-owner of Shingleback and a proud 5ft 2" rider added “... I love that I can load my own e-bike on the 2B90." Kimberley says she “can easily pop my bike or even Andrew’s XL bikes on the 2B90 without a strain… I just roll the front wheel on, give it a little nudge – too easy!”

Like the Shingleback Vertical Bike Rack we reviewed last year, the 2B90 is made using Australian steel and UV resistant shock cord - it's made in Australia and Shingleback are an Australian company. They back their rack up with a 10 year guarantee.

What really stands out is the no-contact attachments for your frame. The rack works by using the bike's weight to sit in the wheel cradles, with the wheels securely tethered in. No clamping of light weight frame materials, and no scuffing of grooves from long shuttles with dirty bikes.

Selling for $1099, the Shingleback 2B90 is appropriately priced for a rugged vertical bike rack with such a high weight rating. Head to the Shingleback website for more details, and stay tuned for a review in a coming issue.

All photos by Nick Waygood.