Product: Stan's NoTubes Original


RRP: $39.99 for 473mL

Time to seal a 3mm hole: 1:07

Pressure lost: 2.3psi

Time to seal a 6mm hole: 1:25

Pressure lost: 8.2psi

AMB's notes: Stan's were the innovator for readily available tubeless sealant, and their main sealant mix is still really reliable, although they have a faster acting Race sealant that is said to reinforce the area of the puncture. Only 90mL was needed for the 2.4” tyre, so that makes each setup about $8, although larger bottles are available and pricing does vary. The puncture sealing performance was pretty incredible, but I would suggest using a plug kit for bigger holes. The rate of air loss with the 6mm cut was a clear indicator to pull over and plug it, and the NoTubes DART plugs actually have a chemical reaction with the sealant to make a strong repair. A lot of other thinner sealants like Stan's, without added latex, had a similar rate of air loss, and the DART plug would be an ideal partner for a very fast and strong repair. Most of the sealant was gone given the rate of loss, but the sealant condition in the tyre was A1 with no signs of Stan's monsters or separation.