Product: Maxima Tubeless Sealant


RRP: $39.99 for 473mL

Time to seal a 3mm hole: 3:25 – plugged due to pressure loss.

Pressure lost: 13psi

Time to seal a 6mm hole: FAIL – under 30 seconds to flat

Pressure lost: Complete

AMB's notes: Maxima Tubeless Sealant needed 120mL of sealant for the 2.4” test tyre, which puts it at about $10 per wheel. The test results weren't good, especially with Maxima's claims of upto 6 months product life. I reinflated the tyre (with two plugs) the next day with fresh sealant and it was fine. I repeated the test, with fresh sealant, and the 3mm hole sealed in 1:04 with 2psi lost. After reinflation to 22psi, the 6mm cut dropped to 10psi in 3 minutes and would need a plug to seal completely, as at that pressure you're not riding anymore. This is a good sealant and it works fast when fresh, but I think it may go off in Australian heat faster than Maxima expect. This procedure is far from conclusive on that front.