Product: Squirt Tyre Sealant with Beadblock


RRP: $55.00 for 1000mL

Time to seal a 3mm hole: 0:58

Pressure lost: 1.2psi

Time to seal a 6mm hole: 4:18 – Dynaplug used as pressure was too low

Pressure lost: 10.9psi

AMB's notes: Squirt's tubeless sealant uses the Beadblock additive, which helps it seal smaller punctures faster, and seal bigger holes. To prevent the extra bits from settling in the base of the bottle and being useless, Squirt provide a separate container, and you add it with the sealant. 120ML was required for this test, so each setup is about $6.60 based on the 1L bottle. The results speak for themselves – to a point. This was a very fast repair on a 3mm hole, but the pressure loss was too much to keep riding for the 6mm cut, and a plug was used. The tyre did reinflate after this, but when opened up to check the sealant, there was barely a trickle left, with a lot of dried Beadblock on the casing. Despite 120mL in there, a lot may have been needed for the first puncture, and then the majority lost after the second. Still, it worked the fastest of all, and probably a match with Orange Seal and Stan's considering margins for error in timing. This is a good value option, but one best partnered with a plug kit.