Product: Joe's No Flats Elite Racer Sealant


RRP: $33.50 for 500mL

Time to seal a 3mm hole: 1:16

Pressure lost: 2.8psi

Time to seal a 6mm hole: 3:54

Pressure lost: 3.8psi

AMB's notes: This product from Joe's No Flats has extra latex, to provide faster sealing for racers. This is evident in the fast repair time for the smaller hole, and even for the modest pressure loss for the larger 6mm cut. Based on instructions, 100mL was needed for the 2.4” test tyres, making it $6.70 per setup. After both punctures, about half the sealant was left. While it appeared to be in good shape, the higher latex count did mean much of it had become a film on the inside of the tyre. This does help add a layer to the casing to help keep a super light tyre airtight – but can reduce the overall available volume of sealant. Given the higher amount of latex, this fast-sealing sealant is probably best suited to racers, as that product name suggests. Joe's NoFlats even have a race day formula, to be put in tyres for the night before! Fast acting sealants are likely to dry out faster, so it is always worth replacing your sealant before a big event. Joe's also have a regular sealant.