Words: Jackie Schapel

Photos: Jack Fletcher

It’s hard to say if this story would be the same if the site and surrounding region hadn’t been devastated by bushfires in 2019, but as is the resilient nature of Australians, it was a way to build back better, supported by a grant from the Government of South Australia and the Australian Government. Right now, the Adelaide riding scene is privileged enough to see trails old and new literally rise from the ashes

Last year AMB checked in with the re-opening and ongoing rebuild of Fox Creek Bike Park. Simply put, progress is coming along swimmingly. Driven by ForestrySA and their partners, much of the direction is coming from Joe Mullan at Rocky Trail Destination. They have ensured that some of Australia’s most talented trail builders have been engaged and the ongoing development is absolutely worth pencilling in for a 2022 visit.

Commercial plantations and mountain biking go hand in hand in the Australian mountain bike scene, and kudos needs to be given to ForestySA for bringing the mountain bike trails to the fore, as the forest gets reborn from the ground up – trails and infrastructure included.

ForestrySA is committed to increasing community engagement and recreational participation in our forests. Fox Creek Bike Park is the pinnacle of our sustainable multi-use forest ethos,” Monique Blason from ForestySA told us. Forestry, or tree farming, takes a long time to get going. But letting the trail builders come in as the burnt forest is replanted and planned out means Fox Creek is a functioning bike park again already, without waiting 10-15 years for tree growth.