At a glance it seems like the mountain bike world has gone eMTB crazy - especially with magazines and websites like ours talking about them all the time. But there's a reason for that - eMTBs are pretty fun.

Whether an eMTB is your kind of fun is a whole other question, but while testing the Bosch-equipped Haibike XDURO All Mtn 7.0 for Issue #169, we looked at some of the differences about riding an eMTB, compared to a similar travel trail bike.

Our tester Matt also discusses how the different modes that Bosch use with their eMTB system change your experience on the trail.

It's worth reading the review in our current issue, and Chris Panozzo's thoughs on eMTBs in his Gravity Check column. But if there is a demo day with eMTBs near you we recommend you go along to try one out. It's not just a change going up, but also how the bike moves through downhill terrain, in corners and in the air. Comment below to let us know what you think the key differences are if you've spent some time on an eMTB.