Haibike might not sound familiair, but the German brand has been in the game for a long time, and most importantly, they aren't a new player when it comes to building eMTBs.

The XDURO All Mtn 7.0 is the first of two Haibike eMTBs we are testing. Here at AMB we tend to think that eMTBs are best suited to long travel bikes - somewhere the extra weight that they inherently have matches how they will be ridden. 

So we think the 150mm travel All Mtn 7.0 really hits the mark with 150mm front and back, along with great bottom bracket clearance, 450mm chainstays and a 67 degree head angle.

Shifting is taken care of by an 11-speed SRAM group set. SRAM also have a eMTB specific Eagle groupset - but it hasn't been used on the Haibike. We'll have to see how the group set holds up through the test.

The Bosch Performance CX motor gives your pedal stroke a bit more juice. YOu can have it in Eco, which isn't that noticeable (until you turn it off), or Sport, eMTB, or Turbo. Obviously Turbo is a lot of fun, but it can get unrul when pedalling back up tight switchbacks.

That's where the eMTB mode fits in best, as it responds to pedalling based more on your input. A bit of soft pedalling gives a bit out extra power. Really smashing the pedals gives a lot more. It really matches a lot better than any of the other modes, and Bosch claim it has the longest battery life too.

This model sells for $8999, which puts it in the premium eMTB realm when compared to something like the Merida E160 900e, but a little less than something like the Specialized Kenevo. Don't miss our full review in Issue #169, which is out on July 9th.

For more details on the Haibike - check out the specs online