Western Australia is having a mountain bike boom, with new purpose built trails for those who want to ride hard and fast, riders chasing jump lines, singletrack flow, natural tech and of course trails for families and riders wanting to explore the great outdoors.

After visiting in 2019, it was time to hit the road again in Western Australia, and link up 5 of the updated trail destinations.

The trip started in Perth with a visit to The Goat Farm, with freshly updated trails and jump lines aplenty.

Next up was Dwellingup in the Murray Valley, with countless trails spreading out from the new trail hub, along with lots more outdoor activities to keep everyone entertained.

Collie has been talked about a lot, and with good reason. This mining town has been reinvented as an outdoors playground - but cycling is far from new in this neck of the woods.

Nannup was next, and the trails being built here are wild, and ready to make their mark on the Australian mountain bike scene. Last call was Margaret River, a favourite for many, with new trails being cut in recently for lots of flow just outside of the centre of town.

Jump onboard for the ride with James, Denzil, Brett, Rod and plenty of locals to show them around. You can even enter a competition to win your own mountain bike road trip in Western Australia!