The simple hardtail can fill many purposes. From aggressive hardtails like the Marin San Quentin, to feather weight hardtails aiming for the top of a World Cup podium, or of course entry level hardtails - even like the one Aldi sells! RideFarr have a range of products designed around, you guessed it, riding far. We've tested one of their saddles and some of their quirky but comfortable handlebars already.

Now, RideFarr have released the ATB frame. It's a chromoly mountain bike frame that can be just about whatever you like, except a full suspension bike. The frames can be built rigid with RideFarr's own suspension corrected fork, or you can use a 120mm 29er suspension fork.

The steel frame has mounting options for just about everything, and with sliding dropouts you can easily rig it up as a singlespeed if that's your poison of choice. All the cable and hose routing is external, and the geometry across the four sizes is moderate, with a 69.5 degree head angle on a large and a reach of 447mm. So it's not new school long and slack, but it might be just right for a do it all hardtail, or bikepacking rig, wet weather bike, high end pub bike - you tell us!

RideFarr are based in Perth but with South African roots, so shipping is fast. If you've got time on your hands and spare parts looking for a bike build, maybe this is the project you have been looking for?

Pre orders are open now.