Are you mad keen to show the enduro world that you can race on the big stage at the Enduro World Series when it lands in the southern hemisphere again in 2022? Well, you better qualify first.

There are a few EWS qualifiers around Australia but the Phoenix Enduro at Christchurch Adventure Park on 23 October might be just the perfect reason to tie in a riding trip to New Zealand's South Island.

Based in the Port Hills, Christchurch Adventure Park suffered a horrific fire a few years back but it has been rebuilt. The cafe and facility hub is nestled in the pines, with a network of hand-built and machine built trails on the slopes above. There are over 30 trails to ride at the park, with about half of them Black rated, so you can expect a varied and testing bunch of trails for the race stages.

With a lift, a zipline, and plenty more riding in the area, the Phoenix Enduro might be the ideal way qualify for the EWS and have a good holiday in New Zealand while you're at it.

Full event details are online: