Words: Ryan Walsch                                                                               Photos: Tim Bardsley-Smith

The Christchurch Adventure Park is only 25 minutes from the International Airport and can be seen looking across the city and descending from the Thomson Park Scenic Reserve. Opened in early 2017, the park was ravaged by fires soon afterwards, robbing Christchurch of the chairlift assisted park they had just got a taste of. But Christchurch might just be the most resilient city on the map – and like the rest of the town, the Adventure Park has been rebuilding.


It's hard to not be excited rolling into the carpark, looking up you can see the chairlift straight up some pretty steep terrain with Zip lines going back and forth between the two ridgelines the park is built on. There is a dense pine forest leading from the Park grounds up to the left and a stream of riders popping out of the trees, kids on the pump track and beers in the hands of those sitting on the huge timber deck of the Handle Bar and Cafe.



The right-hand ridgeline has been cleared after the wildfires that ravaged the park and signs of fresh growth and flowing berms and jump lines snake down in all directions. Large excavators, compacting machines and building teams in high vis draw our attention to new developments in the park.



CAP has an extensive fleet of Giant Reign’s and Glory demo bikes making riders passing through or not wishing to travel with a bike to hire a quality bike that’s kept running mint by the fully-fledged bike shop on site. The bike shop stocks all the usual offerings you would expect, wheel builds, tubeless tyre setups and suspension servicing look like popular choices here.