Big news just came from Mountain Bike Australia (MTBA), as word is they have been officially recognised as a National Sporting Organisation (NSO) by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) today.

This recognition will see mountain biking and MTBA become acknowledged within the
Australian sports environment as an official NSO and equally recognises mountain biking with the other cycling disciplines of BMX, road and track. This means that Cycling Australia won't need to 'sign off' on national selection, or play a role in elite funding.

MTBA CEO Shane Coppin said it’s been a long journey over the past 18 months and the
decision is reflective of the organisations achievements as well as the strong support from
the mtb community.

“This is a significant moment for mountain biking in Australia and something all involved
should be proud of and will benefit from,” he said. “It is something we have worked very hard to achieve on behalf of the sport. The support and willingness by the ASC towards MTBA over the past year or more is greatly appreciated. MTBA are looking forward to working more closely with the ASC in the areas of sport participation, pathways and health initiatives.”

MTBA has been a key campaigner for improved co-operation and collaboration between the
three cycling organisations in Australia, and will continue to promote and lobby for the
benefit of all.

As part of the recognition, MTBA has committed to work with the ASC, CA and BMXA on
improving the future alignment of the disciplines for the benefit of members and all those
riding a bike in Australia.

MTBA Chairperson Tony Hancock reiterated the importance for mountain biking to be
viewed equally with more than 90 other sports organisations in the country.

“This opens the door for more funding opportunities to continue promoting the growth of
mountain biking as a recreation activity and sport for everyone,” he said.

Major benefits of NSO recognition for mountain biking:
· Increased collaboration with the ASC, including access to resources, programs and support
to assist the future development of the sport;
· Opportunity for MTBA and affiliated clubs and members to seek financial support through a
variety of State and National Government funding sources,

This is a great step for MTBA, and for mountain biking in Australia. We're super excited to see what the results are in the near future.