The Merida eOne-Sixty is the all singing, all dancing bike in Merida's pedal-assist range. And what's not to like? The updated bike has more travel, carbon frames, updated geometry, dual wheel size... they're cool bikes.

But long-travel eMTBs aren't for everyone. We certainly feel that you might as well have some decent suspension if you're hauling around the battery and drive unit. Still, longer travel bikes do need geometry that lends itself to descending. And given you have the pedal-assist to help get uphill, some might feel that they actually want something that climbs well.

So here comes the Merida eOne-Forty. With a carbon triangle and alloy swing arms, the bike has been designed to be stiff to respond to harder trail riding. The seat angle is steeper and the front end is lower (mostly due to reduced travel). Shimano provide the assistance with a STEPS system E8000 system on the Merida eOne-Forty 8000 model that will land in Australia.

Selling for $7799 when they arrive in late September, the eOne-Forty is lighter than an eOne-Sixty and has greater standover height. The bike uses the new Shimano E8035 battery which can be easily changed - you might even pack an extra battery for really long days in big hills.

With a 29" wheel up front and a 27.5" in the back, the eOne-Forty is a mullet bike like many updated eMTBs.

If you have been looking for something with some pedal-assist punch, but you didn't really want an EWS level bike with a drive unit - here's a bike we think could be worth looking at! Head to the Merida Australia website for further details.