If you were to walk into your local Liv dealer after a trail bike, chances are you could feel a bit stuck. Would the Pique not quite be enough, and the Hail just a bit full noise? Possibly - and that's the gap that the newly released Liv Intrigue Advanced fills.

Take a look at the rest of the Liv range for 2019.

The Advanced Composite main frames give 140mm of Maestro suspension to the 27.5" Boost-spaced wheels, and a 150mm fork at the front. This means the Intrigue Advanced lands on the trails ready to play with a 66.5 degree head angle, 435mm stays that still fit a 2.6" tyre, and a long reach for stability on steep and fast trails, and to keep the steering steady when pointed up. The 74.5 degree seat angle also helps loads with this, keeping you over the pedals for climbs. All the fit detail is a key part of Liv's 3F (Fit, Form and Function) - and that extends to suspension as well.

The Liv Intrigue Advanced 0 is adorned with DVO Topaz2 suspension - tuned for not just the bikes, but women riders.

As Liv and Giant have done for their top bikes for 2019, so they have with the Intrigue Advanced as well, bringing DVO suspension engineers in to work with their riders to make sure the bikes and the suspension work exactly as they should. During testing, Rae Morrison even raced a prototype Intrigue Advanced at the Sea Otter DH!


Working with suspension engineers is key, to get the shock tunes just right for the Liv bikes. You'll still need to dial in the right air pressure via checking sag, and setting your rebound and compression settings to suit, but at least on any Liv mountain bike, you know the suspension hasn't been specced off a normal bike, but chosen and tuned for the very size and model - and the rider.

All three Liv Intrigue Advanced models are landing on Australian soil, with the top Liv Intrigue Advanced 0 selling for $8999, with the Intrigue Advanced 1 at $6299, and the Intrigue Advanced 2 getting you set up to go play on the trails for $4499 - which leaves money to spare for the new range of Liv cycling gear launched as well!


The Intrigue Advanced is a great looking package - capturing much of the ride dynamic of the Maestro-equipped Giant Trance and bringing the Liv design philosophy, fit and function to the highly popular trail bike. This type of bike should suit just about any trails that are being built near where you live, as it matches efficient suspension with playful handling and geometry that will let you get wild when you want to. Nice work, Liv.

As always, the best information will come from the Liv website - or your trusted Liv dealer.