Fox seem to beat almost everyone to the mark with new products. So here we are in early 2018 with details about 2019 Fox products being shown off! But who can complain? Like most companies, Fox work to progressively improve their products, and usually have some new technology that can be retrofitted to previous models. 

Fox forks in 2019

The big news here is the new Fox 34 Step Cast fork. Available in 27.5" and 29", the 120mm fork sits above the Fox 32 Step Cast and below the standard 34, hitting lower weights and suiting the new school XC crowd along with fast trial bikes. Don't miss our first ride impressions. The main news? A new chassis, damper and specific tune, and it cuts upto 225g of a normal 34, plus it's stiffer and a 140mm 34 or a long travel 32.

The 32 Step Cast remains about the same as 2018 where it gained an EVOL air spring. It is still a market leading XC fork. What's new is that now us mere mortals can get the fork in factory orange! It's worth noting that the Fox 34 Step Cast can be brought down to 100mm of travel - given the 32 SC has a tyre size limit of 2.3" this could be worth looking at for some riders.

The Fox 34's main change on the models with 120-140mm is a reduced offset option for 27.5" and 29" options (but not 27.5+). 34 forks are now available in 37mm or 44mm options for 27.7" and 29" respectively, to suit bikes that are designed around shorter offset.

There's more change on the Fox 36 though, bringing greater control to the longest travel single-crown fork in the Fox range. On that note travel is up too - 180mm on the 27.5" and 170mm on the 29" Fox 36. The 36 gets the new GRIP2 4-way adjuster. Fox call it Variable Valve Control, we call it being able to adjust high and low speed compression AND high and low speed rebound. This brings the range of adjustments from the X2 rear shock to the 36 fork so you can truly tune and balance your ride.

That's not all, you can get the orange colour if you want, plus the reduced offset options for the 34 are available in the 36 as well.

The Fox 40 gets some new options too, namely in that the 29" option is now available to the public. You can get them in orange and the 40 has the new GRIP2 damper as well for the best tuneability. 

Fox rear shocks for 2019

2018 was the big year with EVOL air springs and the new Fox DPX2 (find our review in our next issue). But that's not to say 2019 doesn't bring any changes!

The DPS EVOL is still the choice for XC and trail bikes, it's the lightest inline shock Fox make and the EVOL air can really improves the ride on previous models.

But the DPX2 is what most trail and all-mountain riders want, and in 2019 there is now the option for a remote switch for the three modes of compression adjutsment.

The Float X2 is still the king for serious all-mountain and gravity riding, and has a new EVOL XV airsleeve allowing 300psi max, which will suit bigger and more agressive riders, as well as use on E-MTBs.

There's a new progressive bottom out damper, and the angle on the valve is better so you can get air into it more easily. Al the other class-leading features remain.

The DHX2 carries over from 2018.

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