Fox have combined the best bets of DPS and the X2 shocks to make a shock purely designed for aggressive trail riding. 

Noticeably it has a piggy-back reservoir, and the oil damper is X2-like as the oil recirculates. With low internal pressures the Float DPX2 has awesome small bump sensitivity, and doesn't blow through travel thanks to excellent mid-stroke support. The rebound and compression settings are decoupled so you can truly tune your ride.

The low speed compression has 10 clicks of fine-tuning, so setting it up isn't unlike your FiT4 fork. Even better, the firm mode can be tuned independantly, to give you the responsiveness you want when set for maximum pedalling efficiency.

The size of the shock is a little smaller, which improves clearance on some frames, especially for getting a water bottle into your frame. The adjusters are super accessible, working easily with just about any frame design.

We haven't had any ride time on the new shock, but look forward to doing so in the future. If you have quesitons about the shock, which retails for $829.00, get in contact with Sola Sport.