Following on from launching the new Fox 38 and Fox 36 suspension forks, new Transfer dropper posts and more last year, Fox turned their attention to the cross-country and trail scene for the 2022 model year. The suspension specialists have just released an all-new Fox 34, along with a completely new Fox 34 Step Cast (SC). 

Business in the front

The new Fox 34 platform forks share some of the new fetaures from the Fox 38 and Fox 36, while also sticking to their roots as lighter weight trail and cross-country options. This new Fox 34 is lighter, has more adjustability and smoother performance than any previous model.

The Fox 34 range adopts the lower leg bypass channels, which help even out pressure during compression, to avoid ramping up more than you would expect and preventing being able to access all the travel. The lower leg channels help increase the air volume, reducing pressure ramping. As a bonus, the leg channels keep oil circulating to the seals and bushings for smooth performance.

Visually, you'll notice the new lower leg arch. It looks rounder, and sits more pronounced from the lower legs. The new design is not just lighter and stiffer, but it offers greater clearance for larger head tubes that are seen on modern trail bikes. Fox have also adopted the 58mm diameter crown, which suits modern bikes better as well.

What's inside counts, and the Float EVOL has seen updates too. There is an enlarged negative air spring which helps support the fork in the mid-stroke. The Fox 34 has options with FIT4, GRIP2 and GRIP dampers, in travel options from 120-140mm.

Your wheel size option is 29” with Boost spacing, with 44mm or 51mm offset. The range is available in Factory, Performance Elite and Performance models, with weight starting at 1698g. Pricing runs from $1309 through to $1689.