Fox have just announced that they got their engineers to work hard at improving the already popular 32 SC fork, and they did it. They made it stiffer.

With a new crown unit, the super light fork does get about 30g heavier, but Fox claim it now has the stiffness of a Fox 34. So that brings better handling and braking to one of the lightest suspension forks on the market.

Due to the cut out nature of the fork's lowers, which require shorter upper legs as well, the forks cannot be run longer than 100mm. But for those that need more there is always the Fox 34 SC which is stiffer again.

There are Factory and Performance models available, and pricing has been set as below:

Fox 32 SC Performance: $1175

Fox 32 SC Factory: $1480

Fox 32 SC Factory w/ remote lock out: $1589

Do note these aren't a new model, just an upgrade that will be part of the MY20 forks.

For more details get in contact with Sola Sport.