The Marzocchi Bomber is back in a big way. With the Z1 winning praises for it's plush ride and great price point, the Z2 has also become a popular trail fork thanks to the wide range of travel settings available. 


With coil springs being so hot right now, it should be no surprise that Marzocchi have released a coil kit and coil option for the Bomber Z1. The 36mm legged fork is designed to go big, and the coil kit is available to suit 150, 160 and 170mm travel in both 29" and 27.5", and 180mm for 27.5" wheels.

There are two parts required, the spring kit, and the plunger top cap kit (and don't forget the fork, if you're upgrading your current Marzocchi Bomber Z1).

While the Marzocchi range is known for simplified and effective adjustments compared to their high end Fox stablemates (Fox purchased Marzocchi a few years back), that's not to say the coil spring forks will be a pogo stick. No way! The units have air assistance for bottom out control, and preload. It's not an air chamber but captured air and oil in the bottom of the leg that also serves to lubricate the fork. You can't adjust the volume of oil to increase the progressiveness of the fork - you just need a different spring for that.

Given the design similarities, the coil kits will also work on Fox 36 Rhythm forks - but none of the other models.

You can adjust the travel with the spacers in the kit, which is a handy bonus and means you don't need to purchase another spring.


The coil kit conversion weighs about 298g, or a bit more with a heavier weight spring. Complete Z1 coil forks start at about 2525g. Expect to pay $80 for the spring and $235 for the top cap assembly and plunger kit. Or, buy a whole Z1 coil for $1325.

Fitting up a Z1 coil conversion

We had a Z1 coil conversion kit and a fresh Marzocchi Bomber Z1 sent to Ryan Walsch to fit up.


"The Z1 coil conversion was easy to fit, with a very neat "Spring slap" guard and really simple travel adjust spacers and instructions provided which I love!"


The job is just about as simple as removing the air shaft and replacing it with the coil kit. But, go through the instructions as Ryan did. If you have been looking to update your travel as well - you're in luck.


"The travel adjust idea is a big plus," said Ryan, "most air spring setups requiring new air assemblies to do that."

First ride impressions on the Marzocchi Z1 Coil

"On the trail, the fork is uber plush" said Ryan. "With less seals there is less friction! The Preload topcap provides limited adjustment so the correct spring rate is crucial, the guide is on the soft side but pretty accurate for trail riding. Riders who push or ride park may wish to go up a weight."


"The coil kit adds another level of sensitivity and reliability to the Marzocchi Bomber Z1, but it but does add substantial weight," Ryan noted. The springs aren't progressive, and it is quite linear. And remember that the fork is still equipped with the Grip damper which doesn't have a whole lot of mid stroke support that would complement a coil spring.


If you're keen to just try it out, Ryan does have a few words of caution.

"You can't go back to air after the conversion, the spring will mare the internal surface of the stanchion. Still, this would be a great addition to the Fox 36 too!" But remember, it's only compatible with the Fox 36 Rhythm fork.

"Overall, I'm looking forward to getting these onto some steeper and faster tracks," said Ryan. His full review will be in a coming issue. Need more details? Contact Sola Sport.

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