Zelvy have announced their very own hub for 2018.

The Australian company, based out of Toowoomba, claim to have taken the very best aspects of hubs previously offered with their wheels to develop a high-quality, low weight hub themselves.

Zelvy say their new hub will reduce drag and features 102 points of engagement to make sure the power you put in is immediately translated through to the wheels. And they tip the scales at just 440g the set.

The top quality bearings are also covered by Zelvy's superb warranty scheme - which has now been improved to a lifetime guarantee for any original owner (as well as a five year transferable warranty to any subsequent owner).

Also still available are Zelvy's strong carbon wheels, featuring a top secret carbon fibre pattern.

However, they are prepared to reveal some of the detailed processes involved in making their wheels, so head on over to their website for more info.