Cape to Cape is just about the biggest mountain bike event in Australia - it's certainly the biggest in the west! And after a cracker of a 10th anniversary, the event team are finally over their hangover and have put a fresh new stage plan together. There's some new stuff, some old stuff, some fresh stuff, fun stuff, easy stuff - just the right mimx for four days of mountain biking in and around the Margaret River area.

Four days, four ways in Western Australia.

Stage 1: Cape Leeuwin - 45km | 950m

Cape Leeuwin is a familiar start for Cape to Cape - but it's a new finish. With riders gazing across the azure sea and ordering every last coffee, biscuit, muffin or sandwich in the cafe near the lighthouse, this event start has a real buzz.

Photo: Travis Deane

The normal mass start goes up Heartbreak Hill, with a new trail taking you to Deepdene Beach, including a new rock section. You'll loop back via the golf course to finish back where you started - no awkward car shuffles required.

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Your finish on this stage will seed you into start waves for the following stages, to make sure everyone on the trails in appropriate group sizes to keep the stoke high and the traffic jams low.

AMB's tips for Stage 1:

This is the day to make it count! But that doesn't mean you need to go out guns blazing. Start strong and settle into your rhythm, then pick the pace up once you're off the beach and see how many people you can overtake in the back half.