Just as summer is kicking off and Australia is getting wicked new places to play, like Maydena Bike Park, German direct-to-consumer brand Canyon have launched a brand new Spectral trail bike.

"The new Spectral was developed by riders, for riders, to have the most fun riding. To get people to say no to the routine and yes to the trails," Canyon have stated in their press release about the new Spectral.

Getting the right mix of geometry and suspension kinematics to make a bike fun takes time. but really, Canyon said their aim for the bike was simple:

"To create a simple and robust bike that begs to be thrown through corners and fly down trail, while also being easy to service so mountain bikers can set, forget and just go ride."

The new Spectral is a 27.5" wheeled trail bike with clearance for 2.4" or 2.6" tyres, a size that is quickly becoming the new normal for trail bikes. The 27.5" platform was decided on due to the agility of the wheelsize. 30mm rims are paired with the tyres for stability for the extra size.

Travel is 150mm up front partnered with 140mm out back. The aim being a bike that will tackle technical trails but still holds plenty of pedalability for riding to the trails or big days in the backcountry.

The new Spectral is available in three versions, full carbon, carbon front and aluminium rear and full aluminium, with each version featuring a new integrated cable channel. The impact-resistant plastic cover integrates seamlessly into the frame to maintain a clean look that keeps cables safe and silent, while also making servicing simpler. Anyone who has stripped and built bikes with internal routing will breathe a sigh of relief!

That's not the only place where Canyon have thought about the user, not just the bike's function. Canyon has developed two new bottle cage systems to work with the new lateral position of the shock, as well as a storage box that easily attaches within the frame. By integrating the seatpost clamp and introducing a new sealed bearing concept, Canyon has placed special emphasis on weatherproofing and longevity. More time riding, less time wrenching - or taking your bike to your shop for yet another pivot overhaul.

Size specific Spectrals

If you're tiny, you don't need the same suspension as someone who stands head and shoulders over you. The Small and XS Spectrals are built accordingly, with smaller shocks and a different leverage curve to ensure smaller riders get everything out of the bike.

Linkage love

This saw a lot of work. The linkage on the frame has been inspired by the Sender downhill bike. The rocker is gone and the new design means reduced standover, the ability to run 150mm droppers and less stress on bearings - so they have a longer life (and you ride more). The back end remains active when hard on the brakes into corners, keeping the bike planted when you need the tyre on the ground for traction.

Canyon claim the new linkage allows a super supple response, ideal for trail chatter and rider comfort. But there's excellent mid stroke support before ramping up in the final phase of the travel, to avoid harsh bottoming out.

Longer, slacker, lower

The geometry charts don't reveal any big surprises, with 66 degree head angles paired with effective seat angles of 74.5 degrees. The front centre is long (460mm reach on a large), the rear end is short (430mm across all sizes), with a long wheelbase to promote stability. The wheelbase on a large is 1204mm. Bikes come stock with 760mm bars and 40mm stems, and the smaller two sizes run 170mm cranks.

Our take

Is there any radical take on trail bike geometry here? No, not really. By the numbers the Canyon Spectral marks an excellent update to the geometry of the previous models, bringing a longer and slacker bike to the Canyon range, while maintaining the agility we want. But the changes lie within suspension kinematics that use new shock technology like Fox EVOL, and therefore provide a more efficient ride and one that can also handle a greater variety of terrain.

Canyon have also put the user first with greater standover, longer service life on bearings and options like the Eject bottle mounting on the smallest sizes, and the frame protector - even the frame case box makes it easier for riders to get their bike setup for the real world without compromise. So when you lump all these things together, the new Canyon Spectral looks like an exciting new bike for the ever-growing trail bike market.

Want to know more? Head to the Canyon website.