Do you see many Momsen bikes on the trails near you? Chances are you don't. The South African brand are new to Australia, and while their bikes suit the Australian terrain and events we love, it is still early days with the brand in Australia. However, back in South Africa the Vipa full-suspension line is highly popular on the trails, thanks to a smart suspensions design and well-considered parts selection, which is exactly what we found when testing the Momsen Vipa Race 2 in 2017. With a Vipa Trail in the range, suiting those who want 120mm of travel that still pedals well for a 100km race, the rider behind the brand, Victor Momsen, was working on something new. Something really race focused.

And that is where the Momsen Vipa Ultra comes in.

It was launched at the Cape Epic in 2018, and became available in October 2018. The Momsen Vipa Ultra pushes the long and low geometry of new XC bikes into the marathon realm, creating a bike with 100mm of travel that can be built with a 100 or 120mm fork, in a steep or slack setting. What's more, it can fit 3 bottle cages, has two in-frame storage compartments, internal cable routing and a low standover height.

The reach is long, and the bike is designed to be run with a 40mm stem, although a 50mm stem also comes with the frame kit. With a long reach the idea is that the bike is super stable, but the short stem keeps steering input very direct, even if running the bike in the slack position with a 120mm fork, with a 67.5 degree head angle.

Momsen deliver the Vipa Ultra frame kits right from South Africa for $4189 RRP. You get a frame, shock, two stems and all the hardware required. After we received one to review, the next step was to built it up.