Which Merida E-bike is best for you? With Merida releasing an all-new eOne-Sixty and a new eONe-Forty this year, we decided to take a look at the differences between the two pedal-assist mountain bikes.

The Merida eMTB details

When the Merida eOne-Sixty hit the scene, heads turned and people noticed the incredible value, high level spec and progressive geometry throughout the range. Fast forward a few years, and the eOne-Sixty has evolved further, heading down the highly competitive E-Enduro path and opening up a space for the eOne-Forty. Both bikes share the same frame but are fitted with a different travel forks and shocks to not only change the travel but alter the bikes geometry.

Both models are equipped with a 29 inch front wheel and 27.5inch rear or fondly referred to as a mullet setup with business up front and party out back. With the best of both worlds, the 29er up front rolls over obstacles with ease with a 2.5inch tyre while the 27.5inch rear allows for shorter chain stays and a more playful behaviour on the trail. Merida have opted for a 2.6 inch rear tyre for added comfort and traction.

The battery is now integrated into the frame for a far neater and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Merida sat down with Shimano to develop the new internal battery requirements and have reduced the overall size considerably into a sturdy and heat dissipating shell. In order to maintain the frame's strength and stiffness, the downtube has been straightened and an internal steering block clamped to the fork's steerer acts as a steering lock. A secondary bumper on the downtube protects the frame should the collar slip. The Energy Guard battery cover is constructed form two materials, the inner backing offers the strength and battery protection while the outer softer material dampens noise from trail debris and provides an important seal to the elements.

The eOne-Sixty 10K model for a range topping $11999 comes with 2 x 504wh internal Shimano batteries and an EVOC E-RIDE protector back pack to carry your range doubling cargo, Merida really have thought of everything.

Both model frames have an incorporated Thermo Gate which is situated where the Downtube meets the headtube and acts as a chimney, allowing the battery to stay at its optimum operating temperature at all times and more importantly can carry a full size water bottle for the rider to do the same.

The rear thru axle integrated handle doubles as 6mm and 4mm Allen key for axle removal and keyless battery removal when the Energy Guard has been fully removed. Most models come with a very neat integrated mini multi tool under the saddle with debris protecting rubber cover.

Merida’s eOne-Sixty is designed to handle just like a normal bike with a 65.5 degree head angle, 75.5 degree seat tube angle and 439.5mm chain stays this is an ebike with “bike” like geometry.

The Merida eOne-Forty

Merida has set out to make the eOne-Forty more “uphill” focused getting the rider into a more efficient and forward position riders will be in a more comfortable position for extended climbing periods.

With less travel and slightly steeper angles the eOne-Forty will likely get more economical power consumption figures and more agile handling characteristics than its counterpart.

If you are looking for an eMTB for adventure, enjoy fast flowing singletrack and on occasion get a bit rowdy then Merida’s eOne-Forty could be the ebike for you.

The Merida eOne-Sixty

The E-Enduro ready eOne-Sixty is lower and longer than its predecessor moving to a shorter 165mm crank and using the same tried and tested alloy rear triangle as the old eOne-Sixty, strength and durability for longevity or charging demanding terrain is what its built to do. The complete details of the changes are online from https://www.ambmag.com.au/news/the-all-new-merida-eone-sixty-emtb-525846.

We look forward to putting these two models back to back in the future.


eONE SIXTY 10k $11999

eONE SIXTY 9000 $8999

eONE SIXTY 8000 $7999

eONE SIXTY 5000 $6699

eONE SIXTY 800SE $6699

eONE SIXTY 500SE $5499

eONE FORTY 8000 $7799

From: Merida Australia

Of course, Merida do have other eMTBs in their range if you need less travel!