It's that time of year where your bike can really take a pounding from some less than ideal conditions - depending what end of our big island that you live on. Keeping your bike clean isn't just something to do to look good, but it works better and lasts longer. A dirty bike can mask damage to a frame and wheels, and a dirty drivetrain will wear quickly (and cost more money) as well as working pretty poorly too.

We have a competition to win a full range of Krush bike cleaning and detailing products at the moment, with three packs worth over $170 each to be won - you can enter here.

Here's how I clean and detail my bikes, step by step in the gallery above. If your bike has a few more problems than just being dirty, don't forget to check out our whole workshop section for tips on sorting out gears, doing a safety check on your bike - and even sorting out any tubeless tyre dilemmas.

Got something you can't quite figure out? Some sort of knock that you can't trace? Get on the phone to your local bike shop and book your rig in for a service. At least they will appreciate a clean bike in the stand.