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With most of Brisbane’s trails being highly-populated introductory and intermediate trails, Cornubia, in the south-east, offers a little more of a challenge with man-made trails a little different from the usual offerings. Whether you’re just starting out, or a dedicated ripper; the trail variety of Cornubia and it’s proximity to Brisbane’s well-known Daisy Hill, means that a day at Cornubia is never wasted.

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While Daisy Hill has plenty of mellow flow, it's easy to connect through to Cornubia via Nirvana, a tighter and twistier trail that takes you to the end of Leo Lindo drive. If you've foind yopu're getting tired of Daisy Hill, a trip to Cornubia via Nirvana should spice things up.

Cornubia adds a little more rock, a little more hand cut trail, and a little bit more elevation to some of the other main mountain bike hubs around Brisbane, like Gap Creek, Bunya, Iron Bark and Daisy Hill. Not everybody knows about it but it's a worthwhile addition to the mental trail map.


From Brisbane head south on the M3 over the bridge, follow as it becomes the M1. Take exit 28 to Mandew St in Shailer Park. Follow Plantain Road to Kimberley Drive. There is no official trailhead but there is a step-over at the end of the road. Please be mindful of noise as this is a residential area.

From the south, head along the M1 until you get to exit 28, and follow directions from Mandew st above. From the Daisy Hill trails, head out of the park at the top of Big Red climb/end of Nirvana trail. From the step over, follow Leo Lindo drive as it turns to Billiluna Dr, and left on Kimberley Dr to the end.


Cornubia features a variety of trails on downward sloping terrain: as such most of the trail heads are together at the top, and the descents ride to the bottom. The exception to this are the trails West Mt Cotton Road link, which climbs to said road (and is a ripping descent: worth the effort!) and Spangled Drongo, which traverses east-west (or west-east).

The trails at Cornubia offer a bit more of both a fitness and technical challenge from the neighbouring Daisy Hill: while there are a few flowing, fun green trail options (Birdwing and West Mt Cotton Road Link), they require a bit more fitness to climb out from than other local trail networks. Pack some snacks! A number of the trails are dual-direction. So keep your head up when climbing and keep your speed in check on the descents. The trails follow IMBA rules and they state that downhill riders need to yield. If both riders are aware we reckon it can be figured out as best as possible to suit the situation on the ground.

For the intermediate to advanced rider, trails like Stupidly Happy and Resurrection offer some steeps and tight technical challenges that make it worth taking the trail bike out. The hand-cut trail is narrower and steeper than in other parts of South East Queensland, however very manageable on a hardtail for intermediate riders. Some rock gardens and double jumps feature safer options for progression, and there is little mandatory wheel-off-the-ground action.


There is no official centre hub for Cornubia: take a friend and a map and enjoy the sweet trails. Bring your own water and snacks. Parking at the Koala Sanctuary trail head at Daisy Hill and riding across via Nirvana does mean you have toilets and water at the start and finish – and a cool new workstand and tools near the carpark!


There’s just under 20km of trails in Cornubia, with an additional 5km of fireroad, but the park packs a punch: The tight and rocky descents and climbs mean that average speeds are low! With most trails between 1.3-2km, there is some solid descending and climbing to be done.


St Coco’s cafe in Daisy Hill is a great place for a brew and brunch post-ride. Extraction Artisan Coffee in Slack's Creek is also well-worth a stop for coffee, some beans, or a post-ride meal.


Cornubia is best in Brisbane’s shoulder season: those cooler Autumn and Spring months. While Cornubia drains well in the wet and would be much better riding than Daisy with recent downfalls, beware of climbing up any of the Blue trails (Wallum Froglet, Ginger Gully, Stupidly happy) as their relentless angled log-rollovers and slippery rock offer a difficult challenge on already challenging climbing trails.


Check out Daisy Hill Trails, or for the truly masochistic head for a mega Epic by riding up West Mt Cotton Rd link, up Gramzow Road and into the single track across the road: Gramzow Road Link. From there follow your nose and map to Bayview trails where there is another whole bunch of singletrack to ride!


There are three main shops nearby the Cornubia trails. The Bike Shop in Loganholme has opened recently, plus Big Hill MTB services at Daisy Hill and 99 Bikes at Springwood. None of them are very close to the trails, so try not to forget anything before you start out!


Toilets: No

Drinking Water:  No

Parking: Only on street

Trails Signposted: Yes, with a map at the Kimberley Drive entrance

Mobile Reception: Telstra – Yes, Optus - Yes

Shelter: No

BBQ Facilities: No

Technicality 3/5

Fitness level 4/5

Cross-country 4/5 

Trail 5/5 

All mountain 3/5

Downhill 2/5

Jump 2/5  

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