Earlier this year we were invited to head along and test out the new 2018 Fox tunes, which included EVOL cartridges for forks and new aircans for for rear shocks. You can read about the changes here, and you can read the review of the new Float EVOL shock in our latest issue.

And while you could invest in a new shock, chances are you're better off just upgrading your current shock - something that's possible for just about any Fox Float rear shock.

While visiting Cyclinic for a full shock service, it was suggested that the upgrade was done at the same time. This is a great way to combine the labour of the service and the upgrade, so you're looking at about $279 depending on which exact model you have. Considering a full shock service (we're talking seals, nitrogen re-charging and more) runs about $189 or so, it's an ideal time to do it.

Post install and service, the differences are obvious. This shock was in need of a service, but the larger air can with a changed in the positive and negative chamber sizes means the shock is really supple in the early part of the stroke - something air shocks have never been great at. But that's backed up with a lot more support in the mid-stroke and a far more progressive feel.

What's this mean? Well in an open position the bike pedals well and soaks up trail chatter as you'd want, without blowing through travel on bumps when climbing. In the trail setting there is lots of support, but enough give to keep the rear wheel planted for traction, which is one of the big reasons you're on a dual-suspension bike anyway.

Pressures take a bit of fine-tuning to find your new normal, but like any rear shock, fork or tyre setup that is always the case for finding the sweet spot that works for you.